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Maria Gutierrez

Former VP Engineering Strategy and Operations,  


Maria Gutierrez is VP of Engineering – Strategy and Operations, at Twitter. She leads operational efforts to enable healthy growth, high performance, and execution excellence across product and engineering teams. Previously Maria was site lead and Head of Engineering for Intercom London, where she also led their R&D Operations function. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Maria has previously worked at FreeAgent as VP of Engineering, at LivingSocial leading globally distributed engineering teams, and at Adobe where she worked in the developer technologies group.

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Most growing companies are constantly in flux, with new internal and external learnings and challenges emerging almost daily regardless of the type of business or company stage.
As leaders, we naturally tend to focus on making the teams we support successful. As long as we are running a healthy and high-performing team, we might think we are doing a good job.
As an engineer, you can influence that decision to ensure your team provides the best experience for your customers and the best opportunity for the business.

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