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Founders Dinners

Where founders & execs of product startups relax together and connect with peers over food and drinks.

Founders Dinner hosted by Turing Fest
When & Where?

Dates & Locations 2024

AUTUMN DATES: Coming soon


Wednesday 15 May – Glasgow, Mackintosh at the Willow SOLD OUT

Thursday 25 April (6 pm-9.30 pm) Cheval The Edinburgh Grand, Edinburgh- SOLD OUT

Thursday 14 March Mackintosh at the Willow, Glasgow SOLD OUT

Thursday 29 February  – Cheval The Edinburgh Grand, Edinburgh SOLD OUT

Special guests

Previous speakers

Meet our previous speakers at our Founders Dinner this Season

Robert Gelb



Christopher Noble



Keith Bradbury



Danae Shell


Founder and CEO

Joan Kangro

Kingdom Technologies

Founder & CEO

Jake Jurewicz

Blue Energy

Co-founder and CEO

Hew Bruce-Gardyne


Head of Business Intelligence

Tom Walkinshaw

Alba Orbital

Founder & CEO

Dinner, drinks and Good company

Meet & connect with fellow tech founders

Turing Fest Dinner

The startup journey is a hard one for founders & leaders, and we all need some peers and friends to share it with: sometimes you help them, sometimes they help you, but it always helps to have a peer group you can lean on for advice, support, connections, and learnings. Sometimes it is as simple as having like-minded folk whose company you can enjoy at the end of a long day.

Our Founders Dinners provide the perfect environment to meet fellow tech founders and leaders at product startups to support you on your journey.

Turing Fest Dinner
The ultimate partnership for tech companies

Why attend a Founders Dinner?

Grow your network

Establish a solid support network of relatable peers. Meet like-minded founders and find your safe space to share challenges, wins and everything in between with.

Meet investors

We have relationships with many early-stage investors, and will often invite them to join us as a guest to give their insights and to meet founders.

Learn from your peers

The best people for founders to learn from are other founders who are further down the road than you, or have tackled the problems you encounter. Here everyone is open to help, share their hard-earned wisdom, and pay it forward.

Turing Fest Founders Dinner - Champagne Reception
Startup founders talking at a Founders Dinner
Networking at Turing Fest Founders Dinner
Startup Founder Talking at a Turing Fest Founders Dinner
Dinner, drinks and Good company

Relaxed networking & inspiring conversations

These are relaxed, informal gatherings of 20-30 people. Typically at a dinner, we have a couple of fireside chats between courses: we usually have at least one founder sharing their journey and lessons learned along the way, and often will have an active early stage tech investor who can bring a different perspective to the conversation. We also often arrange office hours for those investors, with network members getting the opportunity of 1:1 meetings with investors seeking deal flow.

Sound good? Join us for a series of informal evening events that are exclusively for startup founders & leaders where you can learn, network, and have fun.

VIP Treatment

What can I expect?

This is an invitation-only event and it is not open to the general public. Tickets are £69+VAT.

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Founders dinners 2024

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