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Healthy and Effective Leadership Teams

August 29, 2019

Maria Gutierrez
Director of Engineering (London), Intercom




As leaders, we naturally tend to focus on making the teams we support successful. As long as we are running a healthy and high-performing team, we might think we are doing a good job. But is the success of our team relevant when other parts of our organisation might not be as healthy, and therefore the overall business fails to deliver results? Are we holding ourselves to the same standards we expect from our teams? Who is there to support you when the going gets tough?

In this talk, I’ll discuss the benefits and qualities of a cohesive and high-performing leadership team and will share practical tips I’ve used at three different organisations as a member of senior leadership teams and with my groups so that you can confidently introduce this approach at your company and build a healthier and results-driven organisation.

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