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What Should We Work On?

August 2, 2018

Maria Gutierrez




“What should we work on?” is probably the most consequential question you need to help your team and company answer. Should we focus on:

  • fixing bugs that are causing many support calls

  • building a strategic new feature

  • implementing a tactical solution that will help bring more customers

  • re-architecting systems and addressing technical debt

  • interviewing new engineers

  • onboarding new colleagues and improving documentation

As an engineer, you can influence that decision to ensure your team provides the best experience for your customers and the best opportunity for the business. Clearly mapping your work to the company’s goals and success will give you the motivation and purpose needed to engage with and feel proud of your work. It will likely get you your next promotion too!

Let’s discuss how you can make sure the work you do has the best impact by:

  • learning about your customers and business key performance metrics

  • better collaborating with other functions in the business

  • successfully communicating priorities, risks and tradeoffs

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