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John Peebles



John Peebles

John Peebles is the CEO of Administrate, and has been growing the company since 2012. A developer by background, John made the switch to executive a long time ago and has spent the past 13 years growing healthcare and education technology startups in America and Scotland.

He is passionate about education, great teamwork and technology, and often speaks on these subjects around the world. Rumour has it that he used to front a hard rock band, which would explain the hair (and dubious musical taste.)


John Peebles

Talks & Content

We don’t like to talk about mental health as a society. It’s understandable, but it’s also risky, as mental health issues are far more prevalent than most of us realise.
Eric Yuan, founder & CEO of acclaimed enterprise communication platform Zoom (which went public in April 2019 and currently holds a market cap of $16bn) is interviewed by Administrate CEO John Peebles at Turing Fest 2018 — via Zoom call, of course…
Turing Fest Fireside Chat: Michael Pryor Interviewed by John Peebles
Drawing from experience with multiple tech startups across multiple industries, this talk will focus on common mistakes I’ve observed. Mistakes that I’ve made, successes I’ve seen, and opportunities to benefit from advice I’ve been given will be explored.

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