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Roan Lavery

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer,  


Roan is the co-founder and CEO of FreeAgent, an online accounting software company based in Edinburgh. Over the past 15 years Roan has helped build FreeAgent from a weekend side project to one of the leading software companies in the UK, with over 130,000 customers.

Roan’s career has charted an unconventional path from design to product to CEO, with a common thread throughout that companies live or die on their ability to build products that solve real customer problems through exceptional user experiences.


Talks & Content

Founders want to build a business that lasts, but how this feels and your personal motivation will change as the business scales.
As leaders in growing businesses we know that empowered and autonomous teams are happier, more productive and deliver better results. But the reality is building genuinely empowered teams is much harder than simply just hiring smart people and getting out of the way.
Making tough prioritisation decisions is a constant challenge for anyone involved in building products. One of the hardest is the need to drive growth for the business vs building lasting product value to keep customers happy.

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