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April Dunford

Positioning Expert,  

Ambient Strategy

April Dunford Turing Fest 2023 Speaker

April is the world’s leading expert on product positioning. She is a consultant and author who helps companies make complicated products easy for customers to understand and love. April spent 25 years as a VP Marketing at a series of fast-growing technology companies. As a consultant, she has worked with hundreds of companies, including Google, Epic Games, Postman, Docebo, and others. She is also the author of the best-selling book on positioning, Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get it, Buy it, Love it.


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April Dunford Turing Fest 2023 Speaker

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We operate in insanely crowded markets, trying to reach customers who are completely overwhelmed with choices. We’ve tried to break through this noise using better, stronger, faster marketing and sales tactics, but all that gets us is….noisier markets. But there is another way.
In a fireside conversation with fellow speaker April Dunford, Hana will explore marketing as a tool to solve business problems as she considers the fundamental question: what is marketing’s Job To Be Done?
We have to make sales to be successful in business, but startups often struggle to communicate the value of their products. From pitches that drown customers in a word-soup of features, to high-concept vision pitches that leave customers confused and skeptical – the way we talk to customers isn’t always clear or authentic.
We understand stories are a great way to connect with customers but few startups really take advantage of a good narrative to help them market and sell their products. Are you losing deals to competitors with clearly inferior products?

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