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Paul Murphy – Living Through The Startup Lifecycle, From The Perspective Of A Serial Founder Turned VC

July 4, 2023

Talk Description:

Paul’s 2023 talk focuses on the critical concept of managing expectations and preparing oneself for the journey of being a startup founder. He addresses the fact that the narrative around startup life has been excessively romanticised to the point where the emotional and financial stakes are often overlooked.

In the past, Paul explains, the idea was more transparent – you’d quit your stable job, and survive on minimal resources like eating ramen for years, all while constructing your startup from your parents’ garage.

However, in the current startup ecosystem, with mechanisms like pre-seed funding and various support structures like incubators and accelerators, the sacrifices aren’t always immediately evident. This talk provides a nuanced and realistic view of what becoming a startup founder truly entails.

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