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Darina Garland – What’s Work for: Passion, People, Purpose and Pizza

November 22, 2021

Ooni Co-founder and Co-CEO Darina Garland cut her teeth running creative programmes and festivals in the global education sector including leading a campaign that asked What School is For? Despite the talents of teachers too often she found that young people and staff were disillusioned by the school system and worryingly learning seemed disconnected from real life. During this time Darina learned first-hand about the importance of workplace purpose, culture and the need to fuel team member’s passions.

Now at the helm of Ooni, the world’s number one pizza oven company, Darina and team are growing their revenue, customer base and workforce at pace. Encouraging folks everywhere to ‘Make Pizza’, Ooni products are setting the hearts and minds of their global customer base on fire, but none of this would be possible without an engaged and passionate team.

During her talk Darina will share her perspective on how to prioritise people, passion and purpose… not to mention PIZZA!

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