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Michelle Robbins

Manager, Decision Science,  


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A veteran in tech for 20+ years, Michelle’s experience spans product development, engineering, analytics, and martech. Beginning her career at Disney’s commercial record label, she went on to found her own technology consulting company focused on web and application development for brands such as American Airlines, DMX Music, Pioneer Digital and The Honda Civic Tour. She’s since worked at large and small digital agencies and both B2B and B2C media companies leading the technology and data engineering teams. She’s built business-critical infrastructure/applications, public-facing web and social platforms, as well as end-to-end data warehouse, ETL, modeling and reporting systems. 


In 2022, Michelle joined the Business Analytics division at LinkedIn, in the Global Business Organization leading the Decision Science team. She and her team of analysts and data scientists power GBO initiatives across all lines of business, unlocking business growth from internal data by designing and executing data science analyses, measuring program impact, and enabling business leaders to integrate key findings into business-critical systems and process.


She lives in Southern California, is currently pursuing a Masters of Science at UC San Diego, and is powered by coffee and cookies. Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellerobbins/

Michelle Robbins Turing Fest 2023 speaker headshot

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