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Lucie McLean

Product Director,  


Lucie McLean

Lucie McLean has been in product management for 16 years. She is currently Product Director at Zalando, leading the multidisciplinary Outfits program, developing products to inspire customers with fresh style ideas. She spent most of her product career, prior to Zalando, at the BBC, starting in journalism before leading teams to deliver products including the London 2012 Olympics mobile websites and apps, the BBC Sport app, iPlayer Kids and the CBeebies apps Playtime Island, Storytime, Go Explore and Get Creative. She is originally from Cumbernauld but currently lives in Berlin.

Lucie McLean

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Giving product managers autonomy and room to grow is key for their growth – and to keep them in your business. Learning to provide the right context at the right time in the right ways is a superpower which has become even more important in a world of hybrid and remote working.
Product managers in non-digital organisations can often find themselves building product management culture in their companies – as well as building products.

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