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Annjana Ramesh

Head of Software Infra,  


Annjana is an experienced engineering manager who currently leads the software infrastructure group at Wayve. With a solid background spanning over a decade in the tech industry, she has managed platforms and infrastructure teams at companies such as Twitter and Goldman Sachs. One of her key focuses throughout her career has been the creation and growth of inclusive distributed teams and processes, which have become fundamental pillars of her managerial approach. She is a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), incorporating these principles into every aspect of her team management.

Academic background includes a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she finds joy in pursuing various activities and prides herself at being comfortably average at many things. These include arts and crafts, writing, singing, and tennis.

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How can we foster inclusivity in teams and processes? What does inclusion entail for startups in their early stages, mid-sized companies, and enterprises? As a leader, how can you create an organization or a team that reflects the diverse perspectives of your product’s users and the world we inhabit?

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