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Anika Zubair

Customer Success Leader & Consultant,  

Anika Zubair

Anika Zubair is a Customer Success Leader & Consultant with experience in building, scaling, and transforming Customer Success organizations at hyper-growth B2B SaaS companies. She has built world-class customer success organizations across the globe. Drawing from previous experiences at multiple SaaS B2B startups and scale-ups, Anika is no stranger to scaling Customer Success efforts and has built teams from the ground up across the APAC, EMEA, and US regions. She has led Customer Success teams at vzaar, Zap, inSided, and most recently at Karbon.

She has been recognized by SuccessHACKER as a Top 25 Customer Success Influencer in 2022, by SmartKarrot as a Top 50 Women Leaders in Customer Success in 2022 and, by EverAfter as The Most Creative Leader of 2023.

She has enjoyed sharing with the Customer Success Community as well as bringing it together. In 2015 she co-founded CSM LDN in order to bring together CS professionals together in London once a month to meet up and share CS best practices. She also hosts The Customer Success Channel Podcast. Which is a thought-provoking, and highly-rated podcast diving into important and relevant topics to help spread CS knowledge.

Anika Zubair

Talks & Content

When investing in a customer success team that is focused on revenue growth there are 4 things that every startup and scaleup should consider: people, process, tools, and repeatability.
Think you’re ready to build an effective customer success team? When to invest in a customer success team is a big question for many growing startups. Before doing so, it is important to understand the goal of customer success management and then determine when to scale a customer success team to ultimately result in business growth.

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