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Emma Stratton’s Secret to Peak Productivity and Creativity

July 3, 2024

Meet Emma Stratton, the dynamic founder of Punchy and a messaging maestro for B2B tech. In this bite-sized conversation, Emma reveals her secret to staying productive: balancing focused work with unstructured creative time and aligning her schedule with her peak productivity hours.

If you could implement changes to the way people work based on your own routines and practices, what specific adjustments would you make to improve productivity or well-being?

I balance short, focused periods of work with longer periods of unstructured time — this feeds my creativity and helps me stay productive. I also schedule work around my personally most productive time of the day, which is early morning to noon. I believe that we’re all wired to work in different ways. If everyone had the freedom to work the way that’s best for them, they’d be more productive and balanced.

Reflecting on your own journey in your field, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting out?

Follow what interests and inspires you. We’re all here to contribute our unique gifts and abilities to the world. Remember that no one thinks quite like you do. So keep going.


Emma is an expert in messaging and positioning for B2B tech. At Punchy, she’s helped develop winning strategies for over 100 high-growth companies and trained more than 1,000 product marketers from the world’s leading tech teams to write jargon-free messaging that resonates with buyers.

Emma Straton’s Turing Fest talk: Convey Awesomeness of Your Tech with Human Messaging

It’s not easy to communicate what makes our tech products so great – lots of tech messaging falls flat because it’s too dry, complicated and long-winded. But you can avoid this trap with human messaging that connects the dots between your technology and your customer’s life. In this session, messaging expert Emma Stratton will share 3 practical techniques to help you write better messaging about your innovative technology. Whether you’re a founder, marketer or product builder, you’ll learn how to convey the awesomeness of your technology in a way that clicks with your audience.

Key takeaways:

Learn the most common pitfalls of product messaging – and how to spot them
Get practical techniques to write more effective product messaging
See real-life examples of messaging techniques in action

View the 2024 agenda here.

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