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Varun Nair – Going From 0 to 1: The Stuff You Don’t Read About

July 4, 2023

With new products, it is challenging to know what to build and when. How do you choose from the possibilities you have? How do you prioritise? When is data useful? When is it time to pivot? How much is good enough? Or simply, how do you get started in the first place?

In this talk, Varun shares his 0 to 1 playbook developed while building and selling his first company, shipping products for billions of users at Meta, and now creating a new B2B SaaS product for his new startup. Building a new product requires knowing when to leverage limited data, when to lean into your experience, when to question what you have learned, and when to start over. Whether you are a product lead, engineer, designer, or founder, this talk is for anyone involved in building and launching new products.

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