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Stewart Whiting – Thinking Outside The Code

August 16, 2022

Building impactful tech is hard, especially when lives depend on it. I spent the early years of my time as tech founder/CTO of Current Health in the weeds thinking about our tech stack in terms of applications, electronics, data and algorithms. My objective then was turning the art of the possible, given our tight resources, into a product that people might want to buy. That was naïve optimism. The more I learnt about healthcare – the more I realised that success in health-tech is from thinking outside the code. I had to understand healthcare as an interacting system of people, organisations, incentives and risk where complexity and change create friction everywhere. My biggest learning curve was embracing this new perspective. In this talk I’ll reflect on the journey I took – and draw on many stories about how we painfully learnt the hard way to not just survive when things got tough – but successfully scale up.


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