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How to Find Product/Market/Story Fit Using a System for Customer Feedback

November 10, 2020

Paul Adams
SVP of Product, Intercom



For startups to grow, scale, and breakout, they need to find a very strong Product/Market fit. In other words, they need to find a great Market, full of healthy customers with unsolved problems, and then solve those problems with a great product. Nothing short of great in both is enough to succeed. And yet that is unfortunately not enough. 

Because almost all startups work in competitive markets, and they all need to generate a lot of demand to grow, they also need to persuade prospective customers that their solution is the best solution — and for that, they need to tell a great Story. 

The most reliable way to find Product/Market/Story fit is to build a system to take in, synthesise, and prioritise customer feedback, and to easily translate that into something that can help you make better, faster decisions on what you should build, market, and sell. This talk will explain how to do that.


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