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Fiona Johnson – Growing Positive Culture: Applying Product and Customer Principles to Develop Collaborative Teams and Motivated Individuals

August 15, 2022

So you’ve built a company that’s great at customer discovery – making the right product for your customers, and honed from diligent product discovery. But have you applied these skills to your most important resource – your team? From coders to the executives, culture matters. It affects behaviours (positive and negative) and permeates into company performance. Managing culture is tricky. It’s formed by perceptions, observations, and deductions of how value is created within a work environment. Without a proactive, engaged approach, culture can become toxic, reducing innovation and fostering intra-team competitiveness and exclusion, concealing issues and building silos in the company. Left unchecked, these behaviours compound, leading to a downward spiral in company performance. This talk will provide tools that leaders and teams can use to build cultural intelligence and foster positive cultures. It will demonstrate how techniques used to understand your customer can be applied internally, to increase company productivity more effectively than providing bean-bags, ping pong tables and free soda.


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