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David Irvine



David Irvine

David has in excess of 23 years experience in IT and 15 years running companies. He is the designer of one of the world’s largest private networks (Saudi Aramco, over $300m.) He is an experienced project manager, who has been involved in startup businesses since 1995 and has provided business consultancy to corporates and SMEs in many sectors. He has presented technology at Google, the British Computer Society (Christmas Lecture) and many others. He has spent many years as a lifeboat helmsman, and is a keen sailor when time permits. David is also a published author on papers in the fields of complex networking, distributed computing and cryptography-related technologies, and the author of 30 patent applications in the field of computer networking.

David Irvine

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Permissionless systems support collaboration and drive innovations that benefit everyone. Progress is lumpy. Breakthroughs emerge unexpectedly, across many environments and contexts. By closing doors to stop others from taking part, we only limit our own horizons.

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