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What will I learn at Turing Fest?

Turing Fest is the ULTIMATE learning party. You can learn from industry-leading speakers across the tech industry as they dive into topics from positioning, practical growth frameworks, AI, decision science, and more.

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Three tracks, endless learning opportunities

All of the talks and content are organised into three tracks:

Build 🧱

Who's it for?

For everyone across the product team:

Upcoming BUILD talks:

“The product world is awash in frameworks—hundreds of them. Most of the frameworks are rehashes of the same ideas (over and over). Yet what defines great product teams are HABITS, not frameworks

In this talk, John will explore 5 key habits that every product team should work to develop. For each habit, he will discuss all the things that get in the way, and how to fix those problems.

Capturing data isn’t the trick. Analysing data isn’t the trick. Putting the data to work to drive business outcomes – that’s where the unlock happens.”

In this insightful session, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of Decision Science and explore the use of data, analytics and modelling techniques to inform and optimize business decisions.
Whether you’re a startup, a scale-up, or a large enterprise business, this session is tailored for all tech entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to leverage data science to drive operational excellence and business growth.

  • Discover the key principles of decision science and how to apply them to your business operations
  • Learn how to infuse data science and analytics to inform your decision-making process
  • Explore case studies from businesses who have leveraged decision science to drive growth

Product as the change agent. More and more do we realise the need for effective change management in all businesses, not just corporations with “transformation projects” but every stage from startups that need to pivot to scaleups that need to keep team members engaged through down turns.

The underpinning of Product is change so let me show you how to use what you know to drive effective and successful change consistently.

“With new products, it is challenging to know what to build and when. How do you choose from the possibilities you have? How do you prioritise? When is data useful? When is it time to pivot? How much is good enough? Or simply, how do you get started in the first place?

In this talk, Varun shares his 0 to 1 playbook developed while building and selling his first company, shipping products for billions of users at Meta, and now creating a new B2B SaaS product for his new startup. Building a new product requires knowing when to leverage limited data, when to lean into your experience, when to question what you have learned, and when to start over.

Whether you are a product lead, engineer, designer, or founder, this talk is for anyone involved in building and launching new products.”

Pete Lacey is worried. As we rush towards rapid and cost-efficient software production, are we inadvertently settling for a landscape of dull functionalism? In this talk, Pete will explore what it means to build ‘soul’ into software. He will discuss the importance of crafting playful, joyful, and occasionally useless experiences that feel innately human – even as human involvement in future development likely dwindles thanks to progressions in AI.

Randeep was parachuted into government at short notice and built the NHS Covid 19 app in just 6 weeks. It saved thousands of lives – but it was not destined for success. What techniques helped this app succeed where others failed? How did he have impact, and fun, in the face of such chaos?

Randeep condenses his experiences across private and public healthcare including at Babylon Health and the Terrence Higgins Trust, into 5 practical examples that help with your challenges whatever your industry. It uses insights of how humans work together, or don’t, to build products with real impact.

This talk is aimed at anyone who is interested in making a difference. It is intended to be uplifting, engaging and expansive, covering everything from behavioural psychology to Marvel superheroes! Product, tech, founder, entrepreneur, anyone working in challenging situations or even just those who are curious – it aims to be useful for all.

This talk is an overview of what Fergal has learned at Intercom, through two product development cycles using GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.
Fergal will try to equip the audience with some mental models to think about the capabilities of GPTs, and share tips for how to build with them, based on Intercom’s recent experience, as well as some general thoughts about where we’re going next.

The rise of Product Operations was no accident, and while some questioned it’s relevance during and after the Pandemic, it’s becoming more defined and a critical focus. Between the growing importance of product-led growth as a core business model and the significance of the product manager, we are seeing the need for alignment, transparency, and a strong system for high performing teams on the rise across all types of companies.

We’ll take a look at both the evolution of product management and the role of the PM that have led to the emergence of this new practice and role. We’ll explore what it looks like across the industry today and what product ops professionals are focusing on to help teams deliver on business outcomes.

With success comes growth, but what got you “here” will rarely get you “there”. In this talk, Graeme draws on 25 years of experience in startups, midsize and big tech companies to explore the different challenges we encounter as we scale (from a handful of people to several thousand), the signals to look out for, and ways to overcome those challenges.

Grow 🌱

Who's it for?

For everyone market-facing:

Turing Fest Growth Talks
Upcoming BUILD talks:

We operate in insanely crowded markets, trying to reach customers who are completely overwhelmed with choices. We’ve tried to break through this noise using better, stronger, faster marketing and sales tactics, but all that gets us is….noisier markets.

But there is another way. This talk will teach you the secret to making market forces work for you, not against you. This session will show you how to apply the secret to using strategic positioning to help your products stand out and sell.

You want to grow your business. The challenge: there are more channels and ways to grow than ever, VC funding is drying up without a path to profitability, and the macroeconomic headwinds are an ever-changing minefield. How do you evaluate it all and know where to invest? Emily will walk you through thoughtful growth frameworks from first principles (no growth hacks here) that you can apply to drive meaningful business growth.

The key lesson: Play smarter and resist reacting to trends and tactics. Growth is a finance objective executed by product, marketing, and/ or sales strategies. It is derived firstly from your business model and business metrics — it’s a focused and practical exercise in dissecting how you make money, which part(s) of your revenue and/or cost you can directly impact, and determining the best ways to do that.

An actionable talk that reveals the psych behind words + real-world copy test results to inform better word selection – which means increased engagement and persuasiveness – for everyone who writes, which is everyone in attendance

What’s a critical yet wildly overlooked aspect of acquiring customers & growing a product? Operationalizing growth. In this talk, Gia will explore how to match your product experience with real customer needs to not only fuel product growth and drive revenue but also better equip your team.

How well do you know your best customers? Better yet, how sure are you about why they chose your solution over all the others? The reality is that most of us are guessing what really matters to our customers, a needless misstep, especially for those of us trying to build more scalable PLG / low-touch product experiences.

In this talk you’ll learn:
– How identifying your best customers unlocks your product growth strategy.
– How to use what customers value to reverse engineer your ideal product experience.
– How to identify your leading indicators of success (which will more effectively influence your lagging KPIs like your free/trial to paid % & MRR growth).
– How to spot the success gaps in your customer’s experience making it super actionable for your team.

Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock your product’s potential with Customer-Led Growth.

Within customer success, you’ll often hear founders and CEOs say ‘I’d love to scale my CS program and make it a revenue center”, in fact it’s probably something you’d like to do at your own organization. When investing in a customer success team that is focused on revenue growth there are 4 things that every startup and scaleup should consider: people, process, tools, and repeatability. In this talk, I’ll discuss the top challenge most startups, scaleps, and enterprise B2B CSM teams face when scaling for revenue growth and share the tips, tricks, and learnings I have encountered in my career and how to overcome them. Ultimately this talk will help you make customer success work at different stages of revenue growth for your business.

Are you getting your full money’s worth from your content? The constant content clutter in the pursuit of vanity metrics is damaging our relationships with our audiences. What’s the antidote? Here’s what it’s not: It’s not running to stand still with the latest trends or tweaks that will have incremental impact. If you want high-impact content, you need to build to last and scale your distribution. The key here for us content marketers is to do less, not more.

Create timeless content campaigns. Get regular use out of them. Sprinkle in shorter shelf life current ‘trends’. Mix and match. You don’t have to work harder and harder. High impact comes from designing your content and distribution to work harder for you. In this session, Purna will share practical content creation strategies for making the most out of each piece of content you build.

As a CGO, CMO, VP of growth or product or an aspiring one, how do you enable long term sustainable growth for a scale up? Yara will share a handy framework, called the Growth Pyramid, to help you summarising and planning the crucial 5 steps that a start-up needs to go through to be able to execute against their growth objectives.

What are the fundamental questions you need to ask yourself and your teams as a growth leader?

Yara will also challenge the concept of Product Market Fit and dive into the different operational aspects of the delivery of growth from a people and tooling perspective.

There is a reason why everyone suddenly starts to pay attention to product-led growth:

It is a powerful distribution model that positions your product as the hero of your sales, product, and marketing efforts. It leverages word of mouth and customer value in a measurable, actionable way. You can differentiate yourself with what actually matters: customer success, not empty promises. But it is much more than just trials and freemiums.


Leah Tharin, who helped dozens of companies to understand and adopt PLG, will talk about why this model is starting to take the market by storm and cannot be ignored anymore.

Even where it seems unintuitive from B2C to enterprise markets.
Understand why the sudden shift in the market through AI and recession fears are driving its adoption like never before and why the newest form of it, product-led sales is now coming into existence.

If you’re intrigued by a model where marketing and product can be hyper-targeted – is driven by real customer feedback and not just what’s on an imaginary scorecard, then this talk is for you.

It is estimated that AI will drive 95% of all customer interactions by 2025. So it’s no surprise that over the last 12 months, AI has been one of the most discussed topics around the world. Tools like DALL-E, Jasper and Midjourney have dominated these conversations and it seems with the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, there is no avoiding artificial intelligence. Companies are feverishly searching for meaningful use-cases, however with so many options and opportunities where do you even start? How do you leverage AI to drive growth for your business as well as for time savings and on top of that, which tools are best suited for your business? In this talk, Bastian will guide you through the various AI solutions you should be considering, the strategies to drive business growth, and supply plenty of practical examples along the way.

In this session, we’ll explore how you can get started with product-led sales, and why you should.

You will learn:
– What is product-led sales and how does it fit in with current product & sales motions?
– Why product-led sales is important
– How you can get started
– Real examples from Amplitude

This session is designed for Marketing & Product folks, as well as founders & execs of SaaS companies. 

Lead 👐

Who's it for?

Current and aspiring leaders:

Turing Fest Leadership Talks
Upcoming BUILD talks:

Chris will tell the story of what led him to use $17.3M in debt to buy out his own company and what happened next

“Procrastination can be a real buzzkill. It’s that nagging sense of putting things off until later, and it’s holding us back from reaching our full potential. You probably want to tackle procrastination because you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. You’re sick of missing deadlines and feeling like you’re not living up to your own expectations. Tackling procrastination leads to guilt-free time and increased potential, and we’ll even reveal the benefits of purposeful procrastination. This talk will cover:

  • The common triggers for procrastination
  • Strategies to get you moving and producing
  • The two essential questions that you need to ask yourself to assess whether procrastination is problematic or purposeful”


We all know we should have a strategy, but how to create a good strategy and drive it is not always obvious. In this talk Anna will give you tools and techniques to analyse your context, decide your strategy, and then execute it. She will cover some specific models, with examples.

– Analysing the situation: how to reach a diagnosis, including models like PESTLE, S-curves, Five Forces, VRIN, and value chain analysis.
– Making a strategic decision: how to make a strategic choice, including Three Horizons, Ansoff matrix, Blue Ocean strategies, and weighting and scoring.
– Making it happen: how to implement your strategy, including communication, managing change and showing progress.

These tools, techniques and actionable advice will set you up to be able to create and deliver an effective strategy.

This talk confronts the urgent challenge of building a responsible AI ecosystem in the UK. Shannon will explain why in the light of recent AI advances a responsible AI ecosystem is essential for UK innovation, and she will map the public, corporate and engineering ‘ecologies’ that must share new responsibilities in that ecosystem. Finally, Shannon will talk about the obstacles in the way of a healthy, mature and sustainable AI ecosystem in the UK, and how bridging divides across the Responsible AI landscape can help us overcome them.

Paul’s talk will focus on the critical concept of managing expectations and preparing oneself for the journey of being a startup founder. He will address the fact that the narrative around startup life has been excessively romanticized to the point where the emotional and financial stakes are often overlooked.

In the past, Paul will explain, the idea was more transparent – you’d quit your stable job, and survive on minimal resources like eating ramen for years, all while constructing your startup from your parents’ garage. However, in the current startup ecosystem, with mechanisms like pre-seed funding and various support structures like incubators and accelerators, the sacrifices aren’t always immediately evident.

This talk is set to provide a nuanced and realistic view of what becoming a startup founder truly entails.

Startups are rollercoasters. CEOs and leaders face extreme highs and lows. Mark MacLeod, a veteran CFO, VC, and coach, has seen it all. Failure is expected, but personal failure shouldn’t be. Happy, healthy leaders build lasting companies. Mark shares strategic insights and practical habits for sustainable success in this talk.

How can we foster inclusivity in teams and processes?

What does inclusion entail for startups in their early stages, mid-sized companies, and enterprises?

As a leader, how can you create an organization or a team that reflects the diverse perspectives of your product’s users and the world we inhabit?

How do you measure progress and identify areas for improvement in terms of inclusion?

What does inclusivity look like on a larger scale?

Feeling overwhelmed? Let’s start small. Where and how can you begin incorporating inclusion into your thinking?

Join Annjana as she discusses practical and actionable steps to build a more inclusive organization. This talk is designed for CEOs, founders, and leaders in product/tech/business who want to gain insights and implement strategies towards fostering inclusivity within their companies.

No chump wants to get a job or a promotion because of their gender, sexuality, or race! But when we look at the rapid pace of change we’re living in, employers are quite rightly trying to build THE most diverse teams of talent than ever before.

Salma de Graaff, VP People (CHRO) at Skyscanner, will be talking about how to tackle the gender imbalance we experience in tech. Starting with how we got ourselves into this mess in the first place, she will be equipping the audience with ideas on how to tackle the most critical challenges the tech industry is currently facing when it comes to gender equity.


Build. Grow. Lead.

When we say that Turing Fest is a “cross-functional” event, we really mean it.

Covering three tracks; BUILD, GROW & LEAD, you’ll walk away with actionable insights that will help you and your team BUILD awesome products, GROW revenue and LEAD empowered people.

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