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Fergal Reid

Fergal Reid – Building products in the Age of AI

This talk is an overview of what Fergal has learned at Intercom, through two product development cycles using GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.
Fergal will try to equip the audience with some mental models to think about the capabilities of GPTs, and share tips for how to build with them, based on Intercom’s recent experience, as well as some general thoughts about where we’re going next.

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Michelle Robbins

Michelle Robbins – Impact-Driven: Decision Science for Tech Entrepreneurs

Capturing data isn’t the trick. Analyzing data isn’t the trick. Putting the data to work to drive business outcomes – that’s where the unlock happens. In this insightful session, Michelle will discuss the fundamentals of Decision Science and explore the use of data, analytics and modeling techniques to inform and optimize business decisions.

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