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TURING FEST 2023 | 28TH - 29TH June 2023

Turing Fest 2023

28th-29th June | EICC | Edinburgh

Turing Fest 2023

The UK's leading cross-functional startup event is back in:

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Turing Fest 2023

Join us at TF23 on 28th-29th June

Turing Fest is the UK’s leading cross-functional tech conference. Bringing together tech startups, scaleups and enterprise teams, for two days of learning, networking and Q&A sessions with world-class thought leaders. 

One event for founders, leaders, and product & marketing teams. Think of it as all the best minds in tech, under one roof sharing knowledge, ideas and building connections.

Woman in the crowd at Turing Fest - the UKs best startup conference
Fergal Reid
Who's it for?

The must-attend event for:

For anyone building or growing in tech, Turing Fest gives you the ultimate opportunity to connect, learn and grow with the best minds in the tech industry.

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About Turing Fest

“The best tech conference you’ll go to this year”

Join world-class tech industry experts sharing the practical insights that have helped them achieve their successes. Expect lots of tactical tips and techniques that you can apply to your business, product and team.

Turing Fest 2023

Meet our keynote speakers

Franciska Dethlefsen

Head of Growth Marketing

Salma de Graaff

VP People

Annjana Ramesh

Head of Software Infra

Bastian Grimm

Peak Ace AG

Leah Tharin

Head of Product
Jua logo

Fergal Reid

Director of Machine Learning

Christine Itwaru

Principal Strategist
pendo logo

Bob Moesta

President & CEO
The ReWired Group
The rewired group logo transparent

April Dunford

Positioning Expert
Ambient Strategy
April Dunford Logo

John Cutler

Senior Director, Product Enablement
toast logo white transparent

Shannon Vallor

Baillie Gifford Professor in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence
University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh Logo

Joanna Wiebe

Copyhackers logo

Georgie Smallwood

Chief Product Officer
Tier Mobility
Tier Mobility Logo for Turing Fest Tech Conference UK

Randeep Sidhu

Experienced CPO in Healthtech
NHS COVID-19 app

Pete Lacey

VP Design
Pleo logo transparent white

Graeme Smith

Business, Product & Technology Executive
Turing Fest 2023 Partners

Our 2023 Partners

Here are the amazing partners you’ll be joining this year:

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A kick-ass learning party for
developers / founders / product / rev ops / marketing / developers / founders / product / rev ops / marketing / developers / founders / product / rev ops / marketing /

Turing Fest 2023 isn’t like other tech conferences. This is a place where you can come, share learning with tech industry experts and peers and make connections that will help you become even better at your role. Whether you’re a startup founder, product manager, developer, marketer, there will be something valuable for you.

What can I learn at Turing Fest 2023?

Build Track at Turing Fest 2023
Grow at Turing Fest 2023
Lead Track at Turing Fest 2023

We’ve been described as “the ultimate learning party for startups”. Wherever you are on your journey, you’ll learn great things from world-class tech leaders. Dive in to our three tracks, depending on what you want to learn:

Product & Engineering:

The Build track is designed for product people: software engineers, product managers, designers and data scientists.

Product leaders from fascinating tech businesses will be talking in detail about their craft and what they’ve learned building the products we all love.

From prototype to production, and from startup to scale, you’ll learn how the world’s best product and engineering teams work.

Everything market-facing: growth, sales & customer experience

The Grow track focuses on getting your brand in front of customers, and your product in their hands: you’ll hear from top digital marketers, growth specialists and salespeople, sharing practical insights into the art and science of growing users and driving revenue.

We’ll take a deep dive into the strategies and tactics that drive results, and how you can implement them to accelerate growth.

Company building: strategy, scaling, leadership & culture

The Lead track is where we look at the “people” side of things. It is designed to help founders, execs, and managers better understand how to successfully shape and scale their organisations, team and culture for sustainable success.

Top tech leaders will talk candidly about their journeys, and share invaluable lessons learned along the path.

Grow at Turing Fest 2023
Lead Track at Turing Fest 2023

From previous attendees:

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