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The LEAD track is specifically designed for founders, executives, and individuals seeking to improve their leadership skills.

Annjana Ramesh
Founders, executives & leaders

Unlock the LEAD track

Annjana Ramesh

We all know that building products is hard. We all know that getting users and customers is hard. But we also all know that the hardest part of most businesses is the “people part”. The Lead track focuses on the human aspect of company-building: how to effectively mobilise a group of individuals to collaborate towards a common goal. The old strategy versus culture chestnut, etc.

We will address various aspects of leadership, such as strategy development, organisational culture, team dynamics, well-being, and effective communication. You’ll gain insights into leadership principles, building high-performing teams, fostering innovation, and navigating challenges in leadership roles.

Reasons to Attend

Why attend the LEAD track?

Mark Macleod

Whether you are involved in developing software for NASA, pioneering AI for medical diagnosis, or managing a sales team with ambitious objectives, navigating the people aspect remains inherently challenging. Attending LEAD will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to effectively lead teams, drive organisational success, and navigate the complexities of your leadership role in your company, and in your industry.

NO commercials, NO paid content, and NO dull panels. Every session is meticulously curated and vetted to ensure a valuable learning experience! 

You’ll learn a ton that will help you get better at what you do AND have a great time. You’ll meet peers to swap ideas with. You’ll build your network, some of it with the most influential people in your field. You’ll get real-world lessons on the latest trends and technologies in your space. But maybe most importantly, you’ll have a fantastic, fun experience. You’ll go back to work refreshed and refuelled, your mind buzzing with news ideas; ready to go to the next level.

Mark Macleod
The line up

The LEAD Speakers

Andrey Vinitsky



Kirsty Hulse

Manyminds, Roar Training


Megan Cooper



Finbarr Taylor


CTO & Co-founder

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