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GROW @ Turing Fest

The GROW track is specifically designed for all those working on the customer-facing side of tech; marketing, growth, sales, and customer success.

Joanna Weibe
Revenue, profitability & Growth

Unlock the GROW track

Joanna Weibe on stage at Turing Fest

With revenue, profitability, and sustainable growth more important than ever in our industry, the commercial side of any tech business needs to be working effectively and efficiently to drive the business forward.

The track will focus on strategies and tactics for driving revenue, achieving profitability, and fostering sustainable growth for your business. Topics will include the likes of marketing measurement, product positioning, growth engineering, sales strategy, customer expansion, and lots more!

Reasons to Attend

Why attend the GROW track?

Yara Paoli

You’ll learn a ton that will help you get better at what you do. You’ll meet peers to swap ideas with. You’ll build your network, some of it with the most influential people in your field.

You’ll get real-world lessons on the latest trends and technologies in your space. But maybe most importantly, you’ll have a fantastic, fun experience. You’ll go back to work refreshed and refuelled; ready to go to the next level.

Yara Paoli
The line up

The GROW Speakers

Emma Stratton


Positioning & Messaging

Bethan Vincent

Open Velocity

Founder & Managing Partner

Andy Budd

Investor, Advisor & Coach

Jason Miller


Head of Brand Marketing, Demand and Content,

Tom Anthony



April Dunford

Ambient Strategy

Positioning Expert

Rand Fishkin


Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Miller


Head of Brand Marketing, Demand and Content

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