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We’ve made something new for you: The Turing Fest Newsletter

October 26, 2022

Hi Friend

Brian Corcoran here, CEO at Turing Fest, to ask for 3 minutes of your time to introduce a new thing we have curated for you: a short newsletter with the best articles and resources from around the web on building and scaling tech products and businesses. We do the digging so that you don’t have to!

We spend a LOT of time researching speakers and topics for our annual conference in Edinburgh, so we thought we should open some of that research up to people like you who we think will enjoy it, and find valuable learnings in it. For the newsletter, we’re using the same Build, Grow, Lead format that we use at our conference, so hopefully, you’ll find something valuable in your field, and maybe something of interest in another area too: 

  • BUILD is all things product: engineering, product management, design, data science, etc.
  • GROW is everything customer-facing: brand, marketing, sales, customer success, etc.
  • LEAD is more about the human side: organisations (which are made of and by humans!), culture, leadership, strategy, mental health, people, etc.

We’ll also include a video of one of our favourite recent Turing Fest talks, which could be from any of the three tracks mentioned. As a quirky extra, we’ll drop in one further link to something random that has made us think, or laugh, or simply said out loud “hmmm, interesting”.     

We’ll keep it light: a fortnightly email, just one link per track – so three, plus the video, and the random-but-interesting-one – and see how we get on. This newsletter is an experiment, of course, so I expect it will evolve as we get more feedback and learn what works and what doesn’t. Btw, if you have feedback, I always love to hear it: you can reach me directly at brian@turingfest.com 

I know your inbox is a busy place, and a lot of things are competing for your attention. We think this newsletter will help you a little bit, but we might be wrong: if you feel maxed, or you don’t think this newsletter is giving you any value, feel free to update your preferences here. If this newsletter is not for you but you do still want to hear about the conference, ticket discounts, etc, then just make the appropriate selections in preferences. 

Thanks for your time and attention – I know how valuable it is. The inaugural Turing Fest Newsletter follows below!

🐦 [BUILD] Reducing Slack’s memory whilst remembering to send notifications – a diagram.

 Over 36% of active Slack users are signed into more than one team in the desktop app, and historically each team that a user is logged into had the same memory print regardless of whether or not they were active. Johnny Rogers, Product & Engineering at Slack, has reshared the diagram that shaped the notification workflow to allow for a new lightweight client to reduce the memory print of inactive teams, whilst continuing to deliver the notifications that Slack users request.

Check out the workflow

[@Johnnyrogersis, Twitter]

🐦 [GROW] Zero-Click Content

Zero-Click Content, what is it and how can you measure its impact towards your marketing goals? The prospect of giving away your most valuable content without the ability to measure and attribute the engagement is daunting, but here’s why you need to take the leap and introduce Zero-Click Content into your strategy. 

One-click to find out how it works (Yes, the pun was intended)  

[@amandanat, Twitter]

📚 [LEAD] Grit or Quit? Tactical Advice for Founders Facing Tough Company Building Decisions 

“Success comes from sticking to the stuff that’s working and quitting the rest. That’s why quitting is a skill you need to get good at.” Annie Duke, consultant, bestselling author and former poker pro sets our tactical advice to founders for learning the skill of quitting, when to do it and what signals you need to set along the eway.

Read the article here

[First Round, Annie Duke]

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📚 [BONUS] Is Password Sharing Modern-Day Shoplifting? 

On average, 1 in 4 streaming subscriptions are shared. Despite the spotlight on Netflix and its crack down on password sharing, it would appear that Disney+ customers are the most generous, with 33% of people using someone else’s password.  

Read the article here

[Jason Barro; Daniel Hong; Alison Leibovitz and Blair Markell, Bain & Company]

🎥 [ARCHIVE – TF22] April Dunford – How to Craft a Story That Sells

We understand stories are a great way to connect with customers but few startups really take advantage of a good narrative to help them market and sell their products. Are you losing deals to competitors with clearly inferior products? Do your sales meetings leave customers excited or confused? Is your marketing closer to a feature list or a set of compelling reasons to buy?

In one of the highest-rated talks from TF22, April will give you a framework you can use to build a story that focuses on WHY you built what you built in a way that is differentiating, compelling, and most importantly, gets you business.

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