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Discover Edinburgh

Turing Fest is located in Scotland’s beautiful capital city, Edinburgh.  Here are some insider tips to help make the most of your time here, from food & drink to walking routes and everything in between.

About Edinburgh

Nestled in the lowlands of Scotland, Edinburgh is overflowing with culture, world-renowned sites, and stunning architecture. Its storied past includes historical art, stone-carved castles, and cobbled stone streets which host vibrant festivals, contemporary art galleries, and an evolving local culinary scene- all within walking distance of the centre of the city. 

Honoured as a UNESCO City of Literature and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Edinburgh’s cultural significance resonates globally, earning it a place among Time Out’s top cities worldwide. If you’re spending a few days in this wonderful city check out some of the following guides to discover the best restaurants, gorgeous views, and a few hidden gems.


Eating in Edinburgh

From local produce, homemade ice-scream, gourmet meals, and traditional dishes, the city’s culinary scene as well as the hospitality will give you a true taste of Edinburgh. If you’re feeling the pull of Edinburgh’s restaurants, you can start by ticking these off this list:


34 Best Restaurants in Edinburgh

If you’re feeling the pull of Edinburgh’s restaurants, you can start by ticking these off this list:

Fish & Chips

If Fish & Chips are more your thing (and the people of Edinburgh have this dish down to a fine craft) then you need to check out this guide for the ultimate working man’s dinner:

10 Best Fish & Chips in Edinburgh


Haggis, a Scottish delicacy consisting of sheep’s or calf’s offal with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning, is a delicious, traditional food. Find the best Haggis in Edinburgh, as recommended by the explorers:

Best Haggis in  Edinburgh

Eating in Edinburgh
Drinking Whisky in in Edinburgh


Drinking Whisky in in Edinburgh


No trip to Edinburgh is complete without exploring the Scotch collections of some of Edinburgh’s finest distilleries:


Scotland has been home to many best-selling gin brands for years. Scottish gin has continued to grow and there are now over 50 gin producers across the country which produce 70% of gin in the UK. Here are the generous smattering of gin distilleries in Edinburgh, if you’re up for a tipple:


The Writers Museum in Edinburgh

From Art to sculpture, local history, dark pasts, and fire museums there are a whole host of places to visit which will deepen your understanding of the region and its people. 


Galleries & Museums

Discover the gallery or museum which captures your imagination:

The Writers Museum in Edinburgh
Walking in Edinburgh


Walking in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, with its dormant volcano, seven majestic hills, winding cobbled streets, and breathtaking vistas at every turn, there is lots to explore for wanderers seeking a beautiful view and some light exercise.

Walking Routes