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Do you want to present at Europe’s best cross-functional tech conference? Got a big idea or unique insight to share? The 2023 call for speakers has now closed, but you can sign up to find out when our 2024 call for speakers opens!

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We’re gathering in Edinburgh for 2 days of keynotes, interviews, networking and socialising with a diverse audience of startups, scaleups and more. Got a unique perspective to share? Maybe you should join us onstage in 2024…

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Turing Fest is a tech conference like no other, bringing together the best minds in the industry to share knowledge and help build build better startups. Speaking at Turing Fest gives you a platform to share your thought leadership and connect with the best in tech, in a truly unique, collaborative environment. Click the video to hear what some of our previous speakers have to say…


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What you need to know

Turing Fest is a cross-functional tech conference, built around three tracks, each with a broad inter-disciplinary lens:

  • We cover a lot of ground, from a lot of different angles. We’re open to talks that address any aspect of how to build and grow tech businesses or software products

  • The Turing Fest audience is a diverse mix of individual contributors, execs and founders from startups and scale-ups, as well as investors, agencies and forward-thinking corporates

  • This is not the place to pitch your product. We want presentations that educate and entertain — and that meaningfully help our audience get better at what they do

  • We prize actionable insight and practical takeaways above all else: we’re aiming for the sweet spot between ‘blue-sky thinking’ and ‘way down in the weeds’

  • This isn’t the place for 101-level talks: our audience is smart and experienced, and we don’t talk down to them

If you feel you’ve got what it takes share your message and insights on stage at Europe’s best cross-functional tech conference, we’d love to hear from you! 

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Some other important details to note...

  • We generally cover travel costs to Edinburgh for speakers whose companies can’t, and provide accommodation for all speakers. We don’t offer a speaker fee

  • We are committed to increasing diversity in our lineups, so we strongly encourage applications from speakers from traditionally under-represented groups

  • It’s important to us that Turing Fest is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, so everyone — including speakers — are expected to abide by our code of conduct

  • We generally prefer presentations to be unique to Turing Fest, or not to have been previously presented in the UK

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