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5 Small(ish) Businesses Focused on Making a Social Impact

Consumer priorities have changed. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the globe have reassessed their professional and personal lives to realise that what they buy and who they buy it from matters.  For tech businesses and start-ups post-pandemic, that means transparency is crucial. Customers want to know more about a product or service before they […]

The principles of scaling with Conor Winders

We’ve spoken before about some of the obstacles in scaling and how companies can lose sight of values and company culture in pursuit of growth. But one thing that often gets overlooked is how you can organise your teams from the outset in order to scale smoothly. Tech issues can be as damaging as management […]

The Post Pandemic Job Market in the Tech and Startup World

The UK currently has over 42,000 startups and 10,000 corporate tech companies who are competing for the best skilled and most talented workforce. With 1 in 8 jobs advertised in the UK currently being in tech, we thought it is now more important than ever to stay on top of the changes and trends happening in the job market.

Leading by Prioritising Mental Health in the Workplace | Turing Fest 2020 Recap

Mental health is still seen as a taboo topic in the workplace. Many people across numerous industries have had issues with mental health and by ignoring these concerns, they experience mental and physical burnout.  In a recent study conducted by Indeed, it was found that the percentage of burnout is rapidly increasing. Indeed interviewed individuals […]

Turing Fest 2021 – Talks, Highlights & Lessons Learnt

It almost feels surreal now – what a success Turing Fest 2021 was! We’d like to thank everyone who attended both in-person and online, it was so special to be back after such a long time away. For those who didn’t make it this year (and those who did and want to re-live it!), we’ve […]

The Playbook for Reigniting Growth – with Aaron Ross

The world’s economies aren’t going to recover anytime soon. There’s more risk – and opportunity – than ever before. How can a business pivot, survive, and thrive? Aaron Ross has some answers. Co-author of From Impossible To Inevitable (with Jason Lemkin) and of Predictable Revenue (called the “Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”), he’s got the […]